Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Heading West

Tomorrow morning I depart for our annual Team Sport Beans/NTTC team camp being held in Fairfield, CA - home of Jelly Belly's World Headquarters. It promises to be a fun-filled weekend with team meetings, media jazz, training and most importantly some hearty team meals and a Napa winery tour. The timing is perfect as Coach Z structured this week as active recovery. It's always refreshing to have some time to get caught up on the more basic things in life (laundry, cleaning, mail, emails, etc.). Monday was a complete day off from the training scene. I took advantage of the opportunity and after completing a few of the more mundane tasks around the casa I've been neglecting, I hopped on the bus to Denver and spent a few hours downtown visiting a couple of coffe shops. Denver is a pretty sweet city and has a pleasant urban vibe to it.

At the moment I am staring at my new PowerTap Elite (training) and PowerTap SL+ (racing) power meters (gracias to Marky V for venturing to FedEx in south Denver & picking them up). As slick as they look in their boxes, I'm thinking they will look even better on some new wheels!

Hope you enjoy a healthy, safe & blessed weekend of training, family & friends!

Thanks for reading & keep it smooth...


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