Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Resurrection, Easter & IMAZ Taper

While celebrating the Easter holiday over the weekend I noted the intertwined paths of my faith and sport. Now, I am no theologian nor am I a choir boy. My faith however, is a huge part of my pursuits in triathlon. Being Catholic, Easter is one of the holiest feasts within the Church celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Listening to the words of a priest describing this holiday as a time to celebrate the joy, peace and a rebirth from the pain and sufferring Jesus endured during the crucifixion it dawned on me I am in the midst of something similar within triathlon. No, I am not comparing myself or my efforts to Jesus. He walked on water...I simply try to swim on/in water :) Over the past several weeks I have endured physical and mental challenges and at times I was sufferring. Lactic acid flooding my legs during bike intervals...wind, snow and rain posing a challenge to training...persevering despite the presence of fatigue. As I approach my taper I realize my body and mind will be renewed and strengthed from the demands of my preparation. I often remind myself I will never be given more than I can handle in sport or life.

Keep it smooth...

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Alexis Waddel-Smith said...

hey brad,
good luck at IMAZ. i just noticed you had a blog!
hope you are doing well.