Friday, February 01, 2008

Our Greatest Natural Resource

Yeah, so the subject line sounds a bit corny, but I really believe today's youth are invaluable to the growth and preservation of our society. Last night I was invited to speak at a Boys & Girls Club in Denver. The kids were great and very enthusiastic. No surprise though as what high school kid isn't thinking about sex?!? My approach is to encourage kids to choose abstinence as the healthiest option and recognize while not all of their actions will have immediate outcomes, they will have outcomes. I will be speaking at five more branches throughout Denver and several schools in Boulder this month. Sandwiched between these talks is my team camp at the Jelly Belly World Headquarters next week in Fairfield, California.

For a glimpse into the daily life of a professional cyclist, check out my buddy Matt Seagrave's blog. Matt is a super talented rider and currently training in California where he recently signed with a new team. I keep telling him if he would start using supplements he could own the Tour d'France.

Keep it smooth...

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Amanda Lovato said...

Are you like, the nicest guys in the world?
You are so awesome! Keep it up:)!