Sunday, September 02, 2007

Chocolate Milk

In the midst of my build for IM, I have re-established my liking for chocolate milk. As a kid, I loved an evening glass of milk with Hershey's chocolate syrup. I was never a big fan of the strawberry flavored stuff. The last couple of weeks I have been enjoying a cold glass of milk on ice from the brown cows. Delicious...and good for me with the antioxidants from chocolate :)

Two weeks down and two to go in this hearty block of training. My body and mind have been responding well to the demands. This weeks volume included 26k swimming, 400m biking & 82m running. It was fun seeing friends at the squad swim session today. I even had a good laugh as Bob Cranny, my super star PT, was beginning a set with his wife and made sure I was aware they were going to do 10x100m on 1:05, backstroke of course. Bob and Sandy are flat out great people. Our pool was closed last week for annual cleaning so I have been doing a lot of swim sessions solo. The crew at FAC did a wonderful job as the pool is crazy sparkling clean!

Last week I had my FeltB2, training & racing helmets and some Miraculous Medals (I have these available for distribution at my talks) blessed. Fr. Peter, former punk rocker & artist, was kind enough to say a few prayers over the items asking God to watch over me when riding and speaking to students.

Thanks for checking in!

Keep it smooth...

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kerrie said...

What is this "it" you are trying to keep smooth?