Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cranking It Up

My body experienced a hearty "shock to the system" with my return to training this week. The general plan over the next couple of training cycles is to work the upper end and find some speed. I did my first interval run session since mid-March early in the week and dang did it hurt. Several solid bike and swim sessions compiled with the hot weather has made me one tired camper, but it has been great to dose my training with some focused quality. Shared a bushel basket full of laughs with friends throughout the week and of course the fireworks on the 4th. Capped my training week with a hard masters swim served up by Jane Scott this morning followed by a long run on Magnolia Road (elevation around 9,000 feet with some hearty hills) and an easy spin late this afternoon. A little ice cream with fresh raspberries and I will be ready to hit the rack for some needed sleep!

Keep it smooth...

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