Saturday, July 28, 2007


A rather dizzing week returning from Vineman 70.3 and getting back into training mode. I have felt really good the last few days with some solid work on the bike and run. My run form is taking shape and I am stoked about my new ride. After speaking with Zane on Tuesday we decided the sooner I could get down to Austin the better to pick up my new Felt bike! Using some miles courtesy of Frontier, a whole different animal, I was able to book a quick trip leaving early Sunday morning. It will be great to see the crew at Jack & Adam's ( and spend a bit o'time with Coach Z and his lovely wife Terra. Long run tomorrow in the Austin hills, early morning swim with the UT masters and bike fit on Monday with my return to Boulder on Tuesday. I arrive back in town just in time to meet up with my Fit to Tri kids for a group bike ride late afternoon.

My current read is The Endurance about Sir Ernest Shakleton's grueling Antarctica expedition. An incredible book about perseverance and survival with superb photos. These guys spent close to two years living on ice! I highly recommend it...the book, not sleeping on ice :)

Keep it smooth...

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