Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tasmanian House Guest

The last few weeks I have had an elite runner from Tasmania staying with me.  Dave is a humble guy and by his standards does not really think his running is "elite" just yet.  He posts a 29 and change 10k, so I think that is pretty darn fast.  It's been great hosting a single sport athlete and I can really appreciate the simplicity of not having to balance three different disciplines.  It has been interesting to learn about his self-coached training program and consistency with his daily double runs.  Additionally, the guy is all about herbs and natural supplements.  He recently spent a day in Denver seeking out some of these mythical elixirs.  He returned with a brown bag full of stuff from a Chinese medicine shop...dried herbs and various roots/tree barks.  Covered from head-to-toe with tats and having a shaved head with a couple of long dread locks you might not think the guy has a passion for running.  When he's not running, Dave likes to chill out with his herb books and walk into town to check out the local book stores.  I reckon he walks just about everywhere.  He used my road bike for a couple of trips, but didn't seem to care for the saddle too much.

Keep it smooth,

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