Thursday, September 02, 2010


In my final push for IMWI on September 12th things are coming together nicely. Over the past few weeks the longer rides & runs have yet again provided moments of opportunity for reflection. Nah, this isn't going to be a post filled with deep meaning meant to turn your head inside-out, or maybe it is...

While reading Mitch Albom's book Have a Little Faith I have recently noted the various "communities" in my life - friends & family, triathlon peeps, church folks, neighbors, speaking network, folks like Tami at my regular grocery stops, running groups, gym rats and of course the worlds of FB and bloggers. Many of these groups naturally overlap and co-mingle with one another. After living in Boulder for six years it is a place I truly call home. I am blessed to have these communities and to have witnessed the unconditional friendships which have formed. From babies, injuries, illnesses, birthdays, holiday gatherings, podium finishes, Olympics, world championships, magazine covers & features, disappointments and just about everything in between I have seen my community rally in support of one another.

Sport has given me numerous opportunities and I find a sense of freedom & joy when paying it forward to my community through volunteering with a kids' run program, giving some food to the homeless or simply sharing a smile with a stranger. No, I don't stroll around Boulder with a sack full of groceries and endless smiles...that would be kind of creepy.

Keep it smooth...

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