Monday, February 08, 2010

Prize $$$ for Professional Triathletes

There is a current poll within the US professional triathlon ranks regarding prize money with the formation of a new committe to address voiced concerns. Before you start slinging tomatoes thinking this is simply a cry for more money, take's not really about more money. As several of my colleagues have indicated the currrent prize money break down at most races lacks a systematic fractional breakdown as seen in other professional sports such as cycling, golf & tennis. For example, at the NYC Triathlon first place was awareded $10,000 and fifth place $500. At IMUSA last year I finished in the final spot of 8th place, good for $500, which is the same amount I earned recently at the 3M Half Marathon.

While I am grateful for the gift of good health and to be racing against the world's top triathletes, five hundered bucks doesn't even cover the entry fee or travel expenses for most races. As triathlon continues to grow in big numbers, it is my hope we, as professional triathletes, are able to position ourselves more favorably in promoting the sport and its sponsors. Of course, this demands a high level of professionalism on all levels.

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DaShaun said...

I'm fully supportive of the fractional approach.

Is this something currently up for debate?