Thursday, June 11, 2009

RFR Half IM, High School Graduation, Bachelor Party, Stanley Cup Playoffs & More...

standing proud with my niece Arial after her commencement ceremony
post race with one of my stellar athletes, killer Kenny

my support crew - Dad, Mom, Pat & Don (my Godparents & good family friends)

Sport Beans...loud & proud baby!
Okay, so I've been quite lazy with any updates...truth is life has been crazy busy, but in a very good way of course :) Last weekend I made a quick visit back to the Motor City/Hockeytown for one my niece's graduation and to race a half Ironman event called Racing for Recovery. It supported a fantastic cause with the healthy message of sobriety! It also gave me the opportunity to get together with one of my athletes for the pre-race training and give an informal Q&A on triathlon with his training group in Clarkston, Michigan. Quick race recap:
Swim (30 & change) - You might be thinking this was a non-wetsuit swim in seeing the time. Nope, just your typical open water swim in Lake Erie's (one of the Great Lakes) surf. Standing on the beach it looked more like the ocean. I swam off the front for the majority of the 1.2 mile swim until another guy caught be within the final 50 meters.
Bike (2:21) - Flat course with three loops, head, tail & cross winds and lots of water in the road from the storms that rolled through delaying the start of the race. Passing the athlete who led out of the water within the first mile, I pressed the pace and focused on fueling knowing the young guns behind me would be giving chase. Shortly after the first loop I was passed by another athlete and worked to maintain contact. Legs came around and I was feeling good as the ride unfolded. Towards the end of the 3rd loop I made a move to pass the leader. I suspected he would not be content with me leading the way which was confirmed as he made a surge to once again take the lead. I worked to cover his move and we entered T2 together.
Run (1:13) - Exiting T2 I was running in second place about 25 meters back from the leader. I had been feeling really good with my run in recent weeks so I decided to get to business. Around the first mile marker I made my move and ran past the leader. I was able to hold a good rhthym throughout the run as we twisted our way around a few small lagoons and varied running surfaces of paved road, bike paths and trails.
I secured my first overall win crossing the line in 4:08.
After the race I had a chance to make a quick visit to Toledo, Ohio and catch up with my aunt and cousin who is rehabing from a nasty bike accident. Tuesday morning following the Sunday race I had an 8am radio interview with Michgan Catholic radio to discuss my racing, speaking & faith. It was a hoot! Later on Tuesday was my niece's graduation. This was no small affair with close to 600 graduating seniors! I was very proud and grateful to watch Arial walk across the stage.
Arriving back in Boulder on Wednesday afternoon I was able to get in an easy recovery swim just as some nasty thunder boomers rolled down from the mountains. The weather in these parts has been quite strange with lots of storms & rain. Later that evening I was off to Denver's ESPN Zone with a crew of 12 others to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of our buddy Lara & Billy.
My recovery from last weekend's race has gone well and I am looking forward to the final push for IMUSA.
Tomorrow night you can be assured I will be kicking back and taking in the lively game 7 action of the Stanley Cup finals as the Red Wings look to hoist Lord Stanley once again!
Thanks for reading & keep it smooth...

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Caroline said...

Nice job on the win, and surviving the swim in beautiful lake Erie. Haha! (but I sure do miss those non-shark infested waters back in MI). Looking forward to seeing you in Tx. :)
GO WINGS! Game 6 was too stressful. I think Ozzie should just go for the shutout and a repeat of game 5.