Friday, February 27, 2009

What Happened to February?!?

Whew, February was a bit of a blur with quite a bit of travel, training & speaking engagements. Earlier in the week I made a quick trip to Toledo, OH to celebrate the life of my uncle. It was great to see my extended family and share great memories of my uncle. He died from complications with lung cancer and was yet another reminder for me to be grateful for the gift of good health! My uncle was a loving husband & father. If you saw the movie Gran Torino my unlce was very close in nature to the character played by Eastwood.

On the training front I am in the midst of a big two week block and absorbing the demands - sometimes like a sponge, other times like a brick. The weather has been decent and I am hoping it continues to improve as we March forward (yes, a bad joke :) I am stoked to be getting on my new ride in a couple of weeks and back to power with my new PowerTap. We have our Team Sport Beans/NTTC camp in mid March then off to San Diego in early April for Ford California 70.3.

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