Saturday, August 16, 2008

Modesty: Timeless Style

This morning I completed my long run in the 50 degree rain and I am starting to feel a bit waterlogged from the past few days of training in this inclement weather! Ah well, the moisture is good for the land, or so I keep telling myself. (I also reiterate what I've noted in previous posts - global warming is a total farse and Al Gore is definitely smoking some wacky-tobacky!)

One of the topics I address in speaking to teens, young adults and parent groups is that of modesty. I am in the brainstorming process of organizing a modesty fashion show for teens in Boulder this coming school year. I will admit straight up that as a guy I am not held to the same standards as young ladies & women when comes to having a certain look or style. I believe modesty is not about dressing from the medieval times or looking all drab, boring or frumpy. It is actually quite the opposite. Modest dress reveals the true beauty of a lady in a fun, hip, graceful style that is very intriguing to men. A common question I get from teens and parents revolves around the difficulty in finding a modest swimsuit that is still stylish. I can completely understand their frustrations, especially after seeing some of the hideous styles of "modest" swimwear on the internet. There is hope though thanks to the efforts of a humble and talented actress/model/designer by the name of Jessica Rey who recently launched Rey Swimwear. I applaud Jessica's work in offerring a line of swimwear that is stylish, fun & hip while complimenting the true beauty of a woman. She and her friend also have a blog dedicated to capturing every day styles of modesty called 100 Percent Fad Free.

By no means am I the fashion police...and yes modesty applies to guys as well.

Keep it smooth...

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This is definitely a sensitive area which not a lot of people is willing to tackle. I am glad you are one of the few willing to deal with this issue head on.