Sunday, July 06, 2008

Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie & Boulder Beer Mile

Several of the athletes eagerly awaiting the official start
This past holiday weekend was filled with barbeques, friends, good times and the 3rd running of the Boulder Beer Mile. A field of nearly 20 athletes gathered at an undisclosed track in north Boulder for the event. For those not familiar with a Beer Mile, it requires both speed and the ability to drink. Each athlete drinks a beer followed by a quarter mile run around the track which is then repeated three times, thus four beers consumed during the swift one mile run. Despite an early charge by Josh, Pete maintained his dominace as reigning champion with a time of 6:42. On the women's side, Laura earned top spot on the podium, although there was some confusion on whether she should have been dq'd for not taking pentaly lap for puking. Full results and story can be found with Barry Siff's coverage of the event at Indside Triathlon.

One of the younger fans showing his support!

Top three men in the drink zone - Terry, Josh & Pete
Beer Mile...80's style
Men's podium - superfly Josh, Pete, Terry
Women's podium - Amber, Laura & Emily

Kurt sporting his famed 80's tri apparel - yes those are Oakley sunglasses!
Men's champion, Pete, enjoys the sweet taste of victory - Bud in a can!
The final big week of training has been great and I'm pumped to roll into my taper for IMUSA. From here forward the focus will be on doses of quality, recovery (resting, refueling, eating, etc.) and prepping the mind for a go at it in Lake Placid! Topped things off today soaking my legs in the creek and a massage on my balcony in the refreshing Rocky Mountain air.
Keep it smooth...

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