Saturday, December 16, 2006

Warm & Windy!

The past several days have been unusually warm here with temps yesterday reaching the upper 60s. Along with the warm temps though have been some crazy winds...gusts up to 50 MPH which have made riding a bit interesting at times! A couple of days ago I was riding smack into a head wind coming on a flat section. I laughed upon looking down at my Ergomo and seeing my blazing speed of 9.6 MPH and watts at 200. No sense is fighting the winds! Tomorrow it is supposed to snow with a predicted high of in the Rockies.

While cycling along the rolling terrain of Boulder County one can see an array of wildlife...prarie dogs, fox, deer, snakes, hawks and eagles. Heck this past summer someone actually ran into a bear during the Boulder Peak Triathlon. Yesterday I was riding the rural roads north of Boulder and came across a herd of cattle in the road. Fortunately they were not aggressive and seemed pretty content on just going about their business.

Keep it smooth...

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