Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rolling Along

The last 10-12 days of training have been quite good. I seem to be getting out of my IM Wisconsin "funk" and finding a bit of snap with things. Of course, completing some sessions with the likes of Michael, Simon, Dave, Colleen (Olympic runner), her husband Daren and others certainly lends itself to upping the effort. After completing so much training on my own in preparation for IMWI, it's been fun to train more with others and share some laughs.

Outside of training and getting ready for the Soma Half IM in a few weeks, my focus has been on sponsorship for 2007 and finding a new place to live. ML has been huge in helping with sponsorship. His insight has been invaluable. I just may have found a new condo...trying to sort out the finances, etc. Off to bed for tomorrow morning brings another brisk 15 miler with the guys.

Keep it smooth...

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Cliff said...


I am not sure if u remember but I ask u a few questions earlier this season about Christian and Triathlon.

Just want to give u a little update. This season I have done two HIM. I have signed up IMLP next year.

Just recently, I have been thinking how I can raise money for cancer. There are a number of organization I can donate the money too. But the prob is that it will be a lot of hassle to deal with setting up logistics and what not.

Lo and behold, today I found out there is someone around my area organizing a team of 40 people to raise 2,500 dollars to an organization that helps kids with cancer.

What are the odds of that. I am sure God set that up for me.

This season, i have learnt alot about training and living. Thanks for your advise and glad to see you did awesome in IMWI (despite the bad weather).

I will definitely keep it smooth.