Saturday, December 17, 2005

Let it snow...

Awoke to some of the light, fluffy white stuff falling to the ground. Perfect for an indoor CompuTrainer session. Met up with Joanna & Michael for a hearty ride...comfort in numbers! It's always fun riding indoors with no fan, well there was a fan, but it was monopolized by JZ & MS. Oh I didn't mind the fact my cylcing clothes felt like I had just exited the swim...the stench however - not cool!

Upon returning home and downing some food, I ventured outdoors for an easy run in the falling snow. Footing was a bit dicey in some areas, but that makes it interesting. I was pretty toasty with my layers and lobster mittens...after about 1.5 miles, my face was numb to the cold and life was good - no wind!

A good day of winter training and thanks to my friends for the motivation on the bike!

Keep it smooth....

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